Est. 1895
Collegiate School began in 1895 as a thought in the mind of a “progressive Passaic mother” who was determined to provide a liberal arts education for her daughter, which would prepare her for a well rounded life as well as academic honors. Mrs. Fitch, the mother, secured a tutor, a graduate of Vassar College, Miss Agnes Gnade, who prepared to teach the Fitch girl and one other student in the Fitch residence. Soon the news of the new method of teaching spread, and the Fitch residence became too small to accommodate the rapidly growing class. As a result, three suitable rooms were found at 97 Pualison Ave. The school soon moved to larger quarters , and by 1900 Collegiate School's primary classes were being held in the Aycrigg Mansion, which later became the Masonic Temple. During the next 50 years Collegiate again grew in size and progressed from its original three rooms to the Kent Court building which was erected in 1916. Although initially a small structure, further additions were made in 1923 which included an auditorium and gymnasium.